Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some Confirmation of Theory

Today a survey was released that confirmed, at least in part, my theory about the disaffected "moderate voters." As reported by, most Americans perceive the Republican controlled congress as a failure and the polls show that Democrats will likely take control in November. This part of the poll was not truly vindicated my views. It later reports that neither party, Democrat or Republican have the trust of a majority of those polled. When asked which party would "move the country in the right direction," 43% said Republicans and 41% said Democrats, a statistical tie (sampling error was 4.5%).

While didn't link to the original poll (and I am too lazy tonight to find it), I think it is safe to say that this supports my theory about neither party representing the majority of the country. A whole 15-20% (almost 10-30% if you include sampling error) of those polled didn't think either party would lead the U.S. in the right direction! Add to that that the question asked was asking between the two parties in power and I think this speaks for itself. What would have happened if offered a third, non-partisan choice? I'm not sure but I think we would have found a clear majority. Americans want a new choice and it is time to create that choice!

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