Sunday, August 13, 2006

America Party Constituents

The composition of the America Party is an important thing to understand. Without careful definition of what it is and what it is not, the America Party would be nothing more than another of the myriad political parties in existence across America and would lack the power to break the stranglehold of partisan politics. The following distinctions are necessary to create a "party" capable of destroying partisan politics:
  1. The America Party is not a party of moderates. Were this true then it would be no different from the Democrats or Republicans, except that our membership would tend towards the nebulous "middle-ground." No, the party must allow (and encourage) people any and all viewpoints to run under the America Party banner. That way, our representatives would best reflect the districts (or states, etc.) that elected them. Just as American view span the political spectrum from left to right, so must the America Party candidates. Then, once they are on the ballot, it is up to the voters to decide.
  2. Those who purport themselves to be of the America Party must not simply desire to tow the party line and not think for themselves. In one way, this won't be hard: There will never be a "Party Line" on any issues with the exception of encouraging the demolition of partisan politics and creating free and open debate. Each candidate must be prepared to think for him/her self and, preferably, listen to their constituency.
Finally, for this concept to work, the concept of "winning" in politics must be abandoned. Ideologically, there are no victories or defeats in politics and there never have been, only compromises. Just because the media and other portray it differently does not make it true. Also, practically speaking, if the candidate chosen during the primary election does not exactly match someone's personal views, the America Party would never succeed if people felt they had "lost" the election and fled to vote for a more traditional party touting whatever it is they wanted to hear. The same goes for the candidates - they, too, cannot flee simply because they failed to get elected. Commitment is required for this concept to work.



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